Artful Gardens: Festival of Lights

Which came first, the artist or the garden? The plants that make up botanical gardens are thoughtfully curated, just like the paintings that are hung in art museums. To explore the connection between visual art and the natural world join us for Artful Gardens with "Docent Donna" Houtteman of Art Blocks KC. This event includes a 90 minute presentation showcasing artists that use nature and gardens for their inspiration. After the presentation, guests will enjoy wine or beer, and light snacks while receiving a private guided tour of the Conservatory as well as the current blooms on display at Powell Gardens. 

Individual tickets: $50 | 10% less for members | Please note, the 10% membership discount will only apply when signing up for an individual class in this series. If signing up for the entire series, the listed price is already discounted and no further discount will be applied.

All 4 classes: $175

May 1: Painted Garden: The Garden is waking up in the spring. Snowdrops are the first to awaken, then the azaleas, and 100,000 daffodil bulbs will be in season. 

July 31: Festival of Butterflies: Then summer is at the gardens peak.

September 11: Harvesting: The smells of fall. 

November 29: Festival of Lights: Wintertime, the gardens go back to sleep, go to bed. That is when to appreciate the structures, the beds, the gardens, the elements and principles of the layouts


To be an experience that embraces the Midwest’s spirit of place and inspires an appreciation for the importance of plants in our lives.


Experiencing Powell Gardens, the region’s botanical garden, is an integral part of living in the Kansas City area.  Powell Gardens is recognized as the signature destination showcasing the beauty of the Midwestern landscape.

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